Construction Site Specific Safety Plan

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Construction Site Specific Safety Plan



    • Construction SSSP Only = 25 pages
    • Construction SSSP + All Safety Plans = About 380 pages

    Turnaround Time

    • 72-Hour Standard or,
    • 24-Hour RUSH

    Purpose & Scope

    The Construction Site Specific Safety Plan meets OSHA and Cal/OSHA compliance requirement for all Employers and Contractors of any site of any size to set and establish the safety expectations for that site.

    Who is the Site Specific Safety Plan for? 

    Construction and General Industries: Site Owners, General Contractors, Site/General Managers of Sites/Locations of Operations.


    Who is the Construction Site Specific Safety Plan for? 

    Construction: Site Owners, General Contractors, Site Managers, Contractors, or Trade Contractors.


    Construction Site Specific Safety Plan

    Two Options to provide you the best solution.  72-Hour Turn Around or 24-Hour RUSH


    Leave it to the Pros

    1. You fill out a short 1 page questionnaire and you email it to us
    2. We customize and tailor the entire Construction Site Specific Safety Plan and Training Video and send it back to you within 72 hours or 24 hours depending on the option you chose
    3. We edit as many times as you need to get it tailored to your needs

    All our Safety Plans are developed and updated regularly by our Certified Safety Professionals and are 100% OSHA and Cal/OSHA Compliant.

    It is our goal to keep safety simple and provide the greatest value for your investment in safety.

    ***If you need a section that is not included in the Construction Site Specific Safety Plan, just let us know and we will add and customize it for you***

    Leave it to the Pros option where we take all of the work off of your plate.  Fill-out a short questionnaire and send it over to us, our Certified Safety Professionals will customize and tailor your Construction Site Specific Safety Plan in a draft and send them to your for review and edits within 72 hours or 24 hours depending on the option you chose.  If any changes are requested, we make those and send the files back in a final version.  Our Certified Safety Professionals make this a simple, easy, and high quality process. 


      Get your OSHA Compliant Construction Site Specific Safety Plan Template NOW 


      FREE Weekly Toolbox Talks included with every oder.


      ALL Safety Plans Option Includes:

      • OSHA Inspections
      • Safety Committee
      • Emergency Evacuation Safety Plan
      • Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety Plan
      • First Aid Plan Safety Plan
      • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Safety Plan
      • Accident Investigation Safety Plan
      • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Safety Program
      • Hazard Communication  Safety Plan
      • Vehicle and Driver  Safety Plan
      • Walking Working Surfaces Safety Plan
      • Stairway and Ladders  Safety Plan
      • Material Handling  Safety Plan
      • Machine Guarding  Safety Plan
      • Hand and Portable Power Tools Safety Plan
      • Electrical Safety Plan
      • Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO) Plan Safety Plan
      • Confined Space Safety Plan
      • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Safety Plan
      • Compressed Gas Safety Plan
      • Rigging and Sling Safety Plan
      • Aerial Lift  Safety Plan
      • Forklift Safety Plan
      • Scaffold Safety Plan
      • Fall Protection Safety Plan
      • Excavation and Trenching Safety Plan
      • Silica Exposure Control Safety Plan
      • Respiratory Protection Safety Plan
      • Asbestos Safety Plan
      • Hearing Conservation Safety Program
      • Heat Stress Preventing Safety Plan

      Overview of our Safety Programs

      Clients and Customers


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, all Safety Plans and Safety Programs are customized and tailored to your company, site, and/or project.

      You will immediately download a one-page questionnaire to fill out and email to us.

      One of our Certified Safety Professionals will use that questionnaire to customize and tailor your Safety Plan and Programs and work with you until it is perfect.

      Yes, all of your Safety Plans are developed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP).

      Each Safety Plan meets and/or exceeds the OSHA and Cal/OSHA requirements.

      Our Certified Safety Professionals are here to help you at any time. If you have questions, need help, need assistance, or even special tailoring, please contact us at no additional fee.

      All of our Safety Plans and Safety Programs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      Our guarantee provides that if our programs are missing something or are not meeting the requirements you need, we will work to update your program to meet the requirements you need. 

      100% satisfaction guaranteed!

      Customer support

      (704) 885-5913

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